A training Korczak seminar in St Petersburg

A Holland seminar for six schools
Saint Petersburg (Russia)

Micha Epshtein, director of the "Epischool" in Saint Petersburg and member of the Janusz Korczak Association in that city, invited the Dutch Janusz Korczak Association to start a project on school-reform for 5 schools, and the Jewish Centre for ‘after-school’-activities.

We had a two-days seminar with the 5 schools and the Jewish Centre to make an inventory of problems in school and education (age 11-14 years) and to find out the needs for change for the short and long term.

Two specialists in process management and team-training (Joop Berding and Henk Galenkamp, both also members of the Dutch Korczak Ass.) worked very intensive with the participants and the result was that each school and each teacher was eager to continue the process of transformation. The first step will be a mutual communication and exchange of experiences. Finally we hope to receive a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Holland (MATRA Foundation) to make a three-years project with these enthusiastic schools and the Jewish Centre in Saint Petersburg. We like to thank our hosts and friends in the cold (minus 18) but beautiful city of Saint Petersburg.

Joop Berding and Theo Cappon
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