International Korczak Seminar in Kazan (RU)

Child's Happiness as the Goal of Up-Bringing
International Korczak Seminar in KAZAN
Tatarstan, Russia, March 17-19, 2007

Professor Roza Valeyeva sitting at her ofice
The Janusz Korczak Association in Russia invite you to take part in an International Seminar heading : “The happiness of a child as the goal of up-bringing”.

Primary among the goals of this conference is the critical assessment and analysis of Janush Korczak’s ideas on education in the context of the complex and diverse problems of the 21 century society and the quest for new ways of humanization of school.

Despite widespread consensus on the need for humanization and democratization of school, however few agree on the means or ends to realize such regeneration. Still most educators regard the humanistic traditions of Pedagogy the main background of this reform. This conference will provide a forum for the presentation of theory and practice of humanization and democratization of modern education.

The conference is designed for university professors, lecturers, school and orphanage principals, teachers, educators, students and other people concerned about humanistic and democratic education.

We invite for participation interested foreign educators, psychologists, school board administrators, school principals and teachers.

For more information, write or call:
Professor Roza Valeyeva
Phone: (843) 2644163 (office)
+9061 137120 (mobile)
Fax : (8432) 924269 (office)

- See or print the full invitation : [PDF 72 Ko, 2 p.]

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