Child's Happiness as the Goal of Up-Bringing

International Korczak Seminar in Kazan
Tatarstan, Russia, March 17-19, 2007

A international Korczak seminar in Kazan, TatarstanProfessor Roza Valeyeva, dean of the Psychological Faculty of the Tatar State Humanities and Education University and president of the Russian Korczak Society and Nastia Makhucha organized an interesting international Pedagogical Seminar for russian students and teachers.

The first day was the day of encounters. The floor was given to prof. Roza Valeyeva, Bernard Lathuillere from France, professor Barbara Smoliczka-Theiss and Edyta Januszewska from Poland, teachers and scientific workers at the Institute for Special Education in Warsaw (APS), and Anya Savranskaya from Kursk. In the evening after a very interesting excursion along the city we had a cordial meeting – the so called "svechka" (candle light) with the students – members of the Kazan Youth Korczak society "The Sun for Children". We spoke about the Korczak activities in Kazan, watched the slide-show about the work of students, sang all together wonderful songs.

Visit to the orphenageThe second day was a very special one. Roza Valeyeva and the so-called ‘Korczak students’, brought us to the children’s house, situated in the village Laishevo, one hour from Kazan. Students of the Korczak group spend a lot of free time, almost every week, to give these children some happy hours (play, theatre, games, talks, etc.). The whole day we were invited to take part in different games and performances. All of us were impressed by the great enthusiasm and energy of these students.

Korczakian workshopThe third and last day of the seminar was set aside for the lecture of Theo Cappon (from The Nederlands) and Nastia Makhucha’s workshop. Theo explained the 4 basic needs in the process of upbringing and development, The need for belonging, the need for mastery, the need for independence (autonomy) and the need for generosity. Nastia, immediate colleague and scientific co-worker of Roza Valeyeva, explored and discovered with the students (working in little groups) the preconditions of happiness in childhood. They presented and discussed the results.

At the end of the day we got a glimpse of the rehearsal for the yearly students presentations (Festival) of all the Kazan Faculties. Again so much involvement and enthusiasm. Our days in Kazan were full of unexpected impressions. […]
Theo Cappon

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