About Korczak's date deportation

Roman Romuald Wroblewski, the son of an eminent witness of Korczak, wishes to draw our attention to the exact date of the deportation of Janusz Korczak and children.

[Its e-mail of August 12, coming from Sweden where he live]:

“Remember that it was on 5 August 1942 (not 6 or other date) when Korczak's orphanage was deported to Treblinka extermination camp. There were some persons claiming that it was on 6 of August. Now there is a general agreement that deportation was on Wensday 5th of August.

Among persons that saw Korczak on that day (around noon) was my mother (it was her birthsday) and my father (Misha Wasserman) who left orphanage early in the morning that day.
For some year ago I interviewed several persons that saw "Korczak Orphanage" on their way to Umschlagsplatz to find out right day, the way they went. There was no green flag and they were nor procession!”

Its email starts again the polemic on this exact date. Among the witnesses of August 6, that of Marek Rudnicki (one French painter who was there this day on Umschlagplatz) had been considered to be convincing. Other testimonys would be they still possible? Please, let’s know!

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Jim bao Today a dit…

I had a long talk with Marek Rudnicki in his flat/studio in Paris. He said that may be he was mistaken about the day. Marek had several drawings and paintings of Korczak.

He told me that it was almost impossible for him to finnish them. I feel that he wanted to keep them unfinished!

Roman Romuald Wroblewski

PS. I was trying to get info about the fate of dr. Bosches. She worked at Dom Sierot for several years.