J. Korczak in the estate of Prof. Erich Dauzenroth, Slubice (de), Nov 24, 06

A special exhibition will commemorate both Professor Dauzenroth and Janusz Korczak The opening will take place on 24th November 2006 from 2 to 6 p.m. in the Colegium Polonicum, Slubice.

Collegium Polonicum in Slubice, which is an affiliated institution of both the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan (Poland) and of the European University in Frankfurt/Oder (Germany), has acquired the scientific estate of the celebrated researcher – Professor Erich Dauzenroth, a most outstanding academic. This collection is of immense worth to us, and not purely for its scientific value. Custodianship of these materials gives us the possibility to honor Professor Dauzenroth, a wonderful person and scientist. Furthermore, it means a possibility of spreading the ideas and values of Janusz Korczak throughout the spheres of science and culture.

The estate of Erich Dauzenroth, in accordance to the wishes of his wife, is to find a permanent home here in Slubice, so that it may, firstly, be used to deepen mutual knowledge and respect in the German – Polish relationship, and ultimately, strengthen relations between these nations and the Jewish diaspora. The person and memory of Janusz Korczak, on which Prof. Erich Dauzenroth focused much of his research, brings together equally Jews, Poles and Germans. It is difficult to find any greater example, that inspires ideas of such importance or that will lend such human insight to the next generations of Germany, Poland and Israel. This cultural triangle, firstly charted by Janusz Korczak and later by Prof. Erich Dauzenroth, gives an outstanding opportunity for the intensification of scientific contacts between people from many countries. Also of interest is the immense variety of the estate, as this collection includes materials in all major world languages.

The honour of this guardianship further provides us with opportunity of hosting an exhibition, to be held in Colegium Polonicum entitled: “Janusz Korczak in the estate of Prof. Erich Dauzenroth”. This exhibition should act as a memorial to the person and achievements of Professor Dauzenroth.

[…] You will find in the attachment invitations to the exhibition opening. Please pass these on to any person who expresses an interest in attending the exhibition.

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