Korczak at Theatre in Japan

"Dr Korczak", by Jiro Kondo
Tokyo National Theatre, Japan

"Dr Korczak" is a stage adaptation of Jiro Kondo’s biography, directed & scripted by Shu-ichi Yasukawa, and starring Go Kato, from the 8th to the 21st of September in Tokyo and then in Yokohama on September 23th. An important and unusual event in Japan.

Korczak at Theater in Japan
The founder president of the Janusz Korczak Association of Japan, Jiro Kondo, is the author of several works on Korczak of which most famous, a biography adapted for the Japanese public, is regularly republished. With the assistance of Maurice Wajdenfeld and at the cost of several journeys to France, a long time ago his wife, Yasuko Kondo, translated
King Matthew the First
, which was also a great success.

iro Kondo presents us with a new play, partly drawn from his biography,
Dr. Korczak
, which had already met with success in 1995 and 1997. Yomiuri, the big Japanese national daily (80 million readers!), devoted a eulogistic article to him. On September 3, 2006, it was first performed in front of a packed hall at the National Museum in Tokyo; on September 23, it will be in Yokohama and its tour round the country is programmed for 2008.

ery old now, Jiro and Yasuko Kondo are happy to be able to say that “the Japanese like Korczak”. They deserve immense credit for having made Korczak very popular in their country, in spite of the authoritarian organisation and militaristic pedagogy of their culture, which had caused them many problems at the beginning of their work in the 1970s.

December 2005, David Greig’s excellent play
was invited to Japan.
In 2003, the AFJK had taken an active part in the creation of this play in Brussels at the Theatre of the Curtain; it had been a memorable success

— ‘Dr. Korczak’,

The example…’ by David Greig [
] to the Success

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