Projeto Anchieto in Brasil

An ambitious korczakian social project

“Projeto Anchieto” is the project of a group of pedagogues, sociologists, psychologists, physicians, architects, social workers, lawyers, businessmen. 4 years later, we will be very pleased to see by ourself how this project was developed during a site visit in April 2008. Report of a visit full of good surprises…

“Projeto Anchieto” is the project of a group of pedagogues, sociologists, psychologists, physicians, architects, social workers, lawyers, businessmen.

Aim of this project is social integration of poor families and their children, but also youngster who live in bad and problematical situations. For that reason we built a dwelling-house, a health-center and places for cultural, sporting activities and last but not least for vocational education. The project is a model and will on the one side improve the circumstances in life of the people coming to the centre, on the other hand it has the impact on a positiv radiation in the neighbouring Favela (poor district)

The centre is situated in the outskirts of São Paulo (18 million inhabitants) in the midst of 200 Favela's. The land belonging to the project has is an area of 220.000 sq/m. Step by step the whole area will be shaped.

In the beginning we tried to interest children and youngsters to participate in free-time activities. To day our offer is enlarged with music, informatica, art, capoeira, reading and theatre, in short everything that makes for the spiritual and physical grow and developement of the kids.

But also adults visit our center and we want to give them new perspectives as well. We ask them look after the children, but we offer them at the same time more professional know-how for several activities. As a result we have a steady structure now and most of the activities are professional attended.

Projeto Anchieta is a meeting-place for 400 children, everyday!! 150 young children from 3 to 6 years old, come to the ‘kindergarten'. Elder children (7-16 years old) visit the center in the morning or in the afternoon. (after school). We have our own kitchen for meals and drink.

A new educational center will be build in 2005 on an area of 3000 sq/m, thanks to a private sponsor. We will intend this house for a theatre-school and several workshops. The land of Prejeto Anchieta is part of a natural reserve, so there are many restrictions. Only a few buildings can be build. The aim is to keep the natural environment as it is and to transform it in a nice park with a horticultural garden (market garden) where youngster can work and learn.

To summarize, we may say that Projeto Anchieta gives in all respects the participants new ways to live. People can learn a new profession. Even four young people will start at the University soon. Children can show their competencies and we support them.

At the root of the pedagogical and philosophical concept of our project lies the work of Janusz Korczak. In his opinion it is not the adult who is a full personality, but also the child. For that reason children should be approach as authentic persons.

Antonieta Bergamo, Coordinator,
São Paulo, March 21, 2005
[Published in the Janusz Korczak International newsletter No. 3, Amsterdam 2005]

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