Give Childhood to Children (PL)

"Daj dzieci ń stwo dzieciom"
Give Childhood to Children,

a special manifestation in Warsaw in September 2003
by the Shalom fundation

First King Matt reception in WarsawThe day of the laying of a foundation stone under the Janusz Korczak Memorial in Warsaw - was devoted mostly to children, for whom Janusz Korczak lived, and for whom he died. Shalom Fundation decided to celebrate it with a special children's day full of fulfillment of children's dreams. They therefore organized a show in the Palace of Culture and Science, called "Give Childhood to the Children", for the children from the institutions named after Janusz Korczak that participated in the ceremony of the laying of the foundation stone. [Photo @ Shalom]

The party was organized in the form a symbolic gift to the children of one day of power over a fairyland. Lech Kaczynski, the President of Warsaw, received in the City Hall a delegation of the children, who drove from the place where the foundation stone was laid in vintage cars. The children's representative - "King Mat I" - received insignia of power and symbolic keys to the city from the President.

King Matt official receptionThe halls of the Palace of Culture and Science were converted to a fairyland, where the children were treated to many attractions. Well-known artists, such as Edyta Jungowska, Daria Trafankowska, Katarzyna Bujakiewicz, and Piotr Adamczyk, were transformed into fairy characters. Actors and extras created a world of animals, pixies, and fairy creatures. The children also watched performances of clowns, jugglers, stilt walkers, ventriloquists, and magicians, and were entertained at a discotheque along with the artists. The band Arka Noego performed especially for them. The organizers - Agata Mlynarska and Wladek Grzywna - oversaw the entire party. Plenty of sweets completed the fairy tale mood.

The children also had the opportunity to meet special guests […] Two School and Education Centers named after Janusz Korczak - from Elblag and Borzeciczki - were honored with awards from Mrs. Krystyna Lybacka, the Minister of National Education and Sport. Mr. Adam Giersz, the Secretary of State for the Ministry of National Education and Sport presented the awards. Screening of the movie "King Mat I" concluded the program. Golda Tencer was the originator and director of the show. She developed the scenario with Elzbieta Protakiewicz from Polish Television.

[Retrospective information, 12-2007,
extract from the Shalom website

The full report with many pictures on the Shalom fundation website
To search: Polish Television - Program II, covered the whole celebration on Sept. 20, 2003

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