I'm small, but important, by Konrad Weiss

German Democratic Republic, 1998
Ich bin klein - Aber wichtig,
portrait of Janusz Korczak
directed by Konrad Weiß

Dvd Konrad Weiss coverWith the aid of film material, photographs, and texts, the film shows Korczak`s journey through life up until his self-sacrificing commitment to children in the Warsaw Ghetto.

This is a film-essay about Janusz Korczak, the Jew and Pole, the doctor and educator and writer. A film about a wonderful man. The film goes on the search for a lost time. It is the attempt to come closer to Korczak, and it is a very personal film. He tries a dialogue over the time - always in the knowledge about the terrible guilt of the Germans.

The film shows precious documents: Photographs of Janusz Korczak and his orphanage children, his books and letters. Friends, co-workers and pupils tell about their memories. And the film shows the faces of children - faces from yesterday and faces from today. And places, good places and bad places, the vanished world of Janusz Korczak.

Above all: In the film are quoted his ideas and words, which he wrote about children and for children. It is essential to preserve the memory of Janusz Korczak and his children and their vanished world. Because memory is the mystery of the reconciliation. An unforgettable documentary on its time.

[Retrospective information, 12-2007]

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