KORCZAK 2007 International Theatre Festival


Warsaw, October 1 - 6, 2007

Poster Korczak 2006 Theatre FestivalThis korczakian festival is a formidable event which transform from now on each year the life of the Polish head town. Warsaw is put indeed entirely at listening of the children during one full week. The plays are of great quality and there is many meetings and debates on all that relates to Childhood and Youth.

On its new website, you will learn that The International Festival of Theatres for Children and Young People "KORCZAK 2007" is a presentation of professional and school theatres from Poland and different parts of the world, a place where people of Art meet with children and young people.

"All the activities, meetings and events are prepared for children, young people and teachers, and their purpose is spreading artistic education among the young generation of Poles as well as popularising the educational function of the Theatre.

Poster Korczak 2005 Theatre Festival"The Festival is held in honour of Janusz Korczak (1878-1942) – an outstanding Polish educator with enormous moral authority, who devoted his life and work to children. The moral strength of Janusz Korczak resonates across the society and artistic circles in Poland and all over the world. His ideas integrate adults in creating art for children and young people.

"Following Korczak’s ideals, the organizers of the Festival choose performances that deal with problems relevant to the child, support the fight for children’s rights, raise issues difficult for the child and discuss moral dilemmas".

If you are Lucky to visiting Warsaw in this right moment, do not fail to interest you in this event and to share your feedback on this blog!

Bernard Lathuillere, Paris


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