A great experience!

Bergen aan Zee, 26 september 2007

It’s wednesday now and unfortunately we’ve got one day to go. It’s a pity.
My feelings for this week are not to describe. The first day I arrived with Martje and her hostfather from Ghana.

It begin for me at Maarthe place. For the first time I met her hostfather from Ghana. I went with him into the city Haalem. For him the first time seeing Holland. What an experience! At them moment I arrived the ''Zeehuis'' I felt home.

People from everywhere came together for the same reason! To know each other and our work, be together and experience all cultures with their own thoughts and way of life. The atmosphere was and is fantastic! I really feel happy. I’ve taken holidays to be here but my coordinator says that if I can present something that is interesting for the team I could get somehow back.

Well the first time I did the family constellations. What an impression! I was very affected and very releafed and that at the first day! It only get better. Good workshop with lot of fun! There is trust and interesting people who give so much energy it is not to describe.

The meals and organisation are also great. Thanks!
I met so many fantastic people!
I thank you all for this week.
Janneke Valkering, Netherlands

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