First day in Korczak Conference in Holland

Bergan Aan Zee, The Netherlands

House of the seminar in front of the see, in Bergen Aan Zee
It was the very first morning of the Janusz Korczak International Youth Meeting that was organized in the beautiful premises of "Het Zeehuis" (Sea House in Dutch), just 200 m from the North Sea. 70 enthusiastic international participants from Europe, Asia and Africa are participanting in this conference.

Participants were divided into groups on the basis of the topics of the conference that they had chosen. Experienced Workshop directors lead the morning and afternoon workshops with their respective participants. The themes of the conference are as follows:

  1. The right of children on sexuality
  2. Children and Multimedia
  3. Need of education for citizenship
  4. How can we help children to deal with agression
  5. Growing up in two cultures
  6. Learning for life
  7. Integration of disabled and chronic ill children
  8. The right of children to mental and physical protection

International Korczak Conference introduction
In a workshop, the directors had a different methodology of conducting. Participants were taught and explained about communication amongst people, justice and to change your practices before you interacting with children. This is also what Korczak said. This workshop included participants from different countries and age groups which brought every one on a common platform to deal with children.

Ewelina, France-Poland

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