Korczak, by the Plough Youth Theatre

Korczak, on BBC radio 4
by The Plough Youth Theatre (UK)

Korczak, Plough Youth Theater 2005This drama - called Korczak - was performed before a sell-out audience at the Plough Arts Centre, Torrington, in February 2005. The group was then invited to present the play at the International Festival of Theatre for Children and Young People in the Polish capital of Warsaw, in october 2005. The young actors at the Plough Youth Theatre in Torrington have been on an emotional trip to Poland, wich lead hem untill Treblinka. [Photo @ Plough Arts Centre]

Rob Pudner, director of the Plough Youth Theatre said the play - written by Nick Stimson and Chris Williams - was a celebration of Korczak's contribution to humanity.

"It's not a story of despair, but one of hope told through drama, music and song. The play concentrates not on the tragedy but on the positive legacy of Korczak, his children and how through love, respect, and the power of imagination, he kept their childhoods alive."

The youth theatre started just three years ago. Its aim is to get children involved in drama: "Our philosophy at The Plough is not to turn participants into starlets, but to nurture their life skills and natural creative talent so they can aspire to be whatever they want to be in life with confidence."

[Retrospective information in nov. 2007]

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The Plough Arts Centre, in Torrington, North Devon
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